Training on Computer

      Now-a-days, the trend probably in all fields and its developments all over the world is mostly depends upon the way of using computer. Like other sciences the computer science occupies all subjects. Without using the computer we can’t do anything to develop at any field. Still, in the rural areas, the people cannot access this facility fully for their development. If they acquire the knowledge of computer or make use of computer, the development will definitely be there in the rural like urban or developed cities. Still, mostly the educated and rural poor are missing the higher education and placement. Though they study and stand in any field of work, it is very must to learn computer to make their field into cent percent success even in their agricultural field.


     The first selected project village called us Usupur, periyatheru, Chidambarm, Cuddalore Dt., Tamil nadu, India is also in the same situation in which most of them have not known computer properly or professionally. Agriculture was stopped in this area due to scarcity of water and real-estate. Though the farmer lost their land and peasant lost livelihood, the educated youths also have no works at present after finishing his secondary education. Even though, the graduates of engineering and other disciplined youths completed their course, neither go to higher-studies nor go to job. The main reason for this is the lack of knowledge on fluent English and computer. These graduates need advanced computer training to get expertise in their field and also to improve their performance in their respective fields. So this foundation, decided to give them training on computer education to enable them to accomplish all works related to the development of their life. By this way they can emerge and expose themselves fit into the outer world. Hence, the training on computer education to provide advanced knowledge and also knowledge relevant to do DTP work and learn about some software and job works like Photoshop and CorelDraw etc,. For this purpose, an eminent, experienced and knowledgeable person will be used to provide these above mentioned training. The training on computer education was inaugurated on 16.02.2014 (Sunday) in which, charitable person and SVD Foundation Advisor Mr. K.B. Kumaran , General Manager, Bangaluru and Mr. T. Jayaraman , Secretary, Chidambaram Rotary Club, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu are participated as special invitees and appreciated the activities of this foundation and its future plan. They are also quoted the hope and opportunity of this training and also the common problems that the youth have stagnated at the graduation itself.