On basis of the village situation, it is made with the discussion of the village poor, we decided to start at inception “The training on tailoring” as a pilot activity organized by SVD Foundation Founder and Managing Trustee Mr. R. Parthiban M.C.A, Software Engineer with help of the villagers and the SVD Foundation Secretary Mr. K.G. Mani who worked as a Project Co-ordinator in M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai provides process oriented moral assistance. But it is anticipated financial resource from various honorable persons to enable the poor people to obtain proper training, more income and improve in their life.

Initiation of tailoring activity

      As the villagers to have a mutual understanding and put a confident on implementing agency of SVD Foundation, the ‘Project Team’ of Foundation analyzed the situation instantly and found some activities for their development. Among these activities the villagers asked the project team to implement an activity that can be productive, profitable and familiar to them.

Training on tailoring

     Previously nearly 30 members are gathered and meet to start any one income generation activity, on this, we made discussion with the interested women, during the discussion, they asked us to provide any one enterprise with proper training and they asked us let them think about the necessity.

     After a week, after they decide and confirm the activity, they exposed their willingness to start enterprise on ‘Tailoring’. They clearly explained that it is better to give us tailoring because some of us have the knowledge on the same and other having sewing machine interested to get expertise and get more income on it.

     Based on the synchronization and they decided, SVD Foundation desired to give the venture of ‘Tailoring’ as they like as a ENTRY POINT ACTIVITY as to make them organized form to bring the all activity project activities towards success. For this purpose, project team made a discussion with a group of interested members again with the selected members (beneficiaries) those who are selected by themselves as per the criteria developed by them, about how to start the enterprise for you, what are norm you have to fixed for members and place and run the same.

     On the account of the above decision, the training on tailoring is started on 15.01.2014. The center is located at 153, Usupur, periyatheru. Chidambarm, Cuddalore Dt. Tamil nadu, India. A lady having the knowledge and qualified in tailoring has been appointed as ‘trainer’ and she is taking classes for the trainees on regular basis. Presently, the place for the training is provided by the SVD Foundation President and Trustee Mr. KG. Rajan Ex-Army.

     The total number of women enrolled in the training at initial was 26 then it gradually reduced to 22, because some are going to “MGNREGAS” (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guaranty Assurance Scheme) the project of central Government, providing job guarantee for 100 days through local Government and other some are, due to their family situation they stopped to getting the training. So that at finally, the strength is constantly 20. Attendance for these trainees are maintaining in the training center. 10.00 am to 01.00 pm is a class time; they are coming to class in time and making the attendance regular. They are eagerly engaged in this activity without any quarrels, disputes among them, particularly having same thought towards their goal, because they are motivated continuously by us.

     The goal of the training members is learning through ‘training on tailoring’ by getting expertise and by starting the joint venture generating income by getting bulk order from outside to get regular and more income”. It is alternate income generation activity to get additional to their family. The members getting training in this centre are coming from in and around the project village. Since the trainees are living in the same area, they are willing to do their job at the same village where they getting training.

     They desired to organize as a group, start small savings and open a bank account in nearby bank for their money transaction and revolving the same for their further development. Since they are interested to participate in the group activity to attain bulk income through their joint venture, All expenses related to formation of group, job oriented training and arranging for joint venture will borne by the foundation with help of funding agencies.

Expected output

  • At the end of a year, two batches of trained members can be ready with well versed knowledge on tailoring.
  • In one batch 10 - 20 members can get training at a time they become expert to preparing garments in joint- venture.
  • Acquiring knowledge on tailoring and exposure about the outer world to compete any problems related to their developments.
  • Ensuring the community organization and mobilization of money for their development.
  • Changing the trend of unskilled poor to skilled rich by getting monetary benefits through this income generating activity after training.

Expected outcome

  • Trainers-training; among these members interested and well-versed trainees can be utilized as trainer for the next batch of trainees.
  • It will be continued in another village using trained persons as resource person.
  • It leads to formation of group using the trained people to make a joint-venture.
  • Under-privileged group of the people will come out from the clutches of money lender and stand on their own legs.
  • Year-round indebtedness and owes major constrains of their development will be alleviated.