Village Knowledge Center

      SVD Foundation started and running a Village Knowledge Center, aim to give all sort of knowledge require for the development of village at village itself and to get whatever they want help to improve would get those things from there itself and to get exposure to outer world, gain knowledge, go beyond their vicinity, to change and improve their quality of life. This center started in usupur periya theru, in usupur pachayat, Chidambaram taluk, Cudallore Dt., Tamil nadu, India. It is one the SVD Foundation’s project village. In which, two main activities initially started and running are Training on tailoring and Training on computer education as Entry Point Activity.

      Initially, these programs focus on some of the poorest particularly target women and men disadvantaged people in remote and down-trodden in economically backward villages in the district of Cuddalore, Tamil nadu.

     We implemented Training on tailoring and Training on computer education is one of our programmed interventions in the village of ‘Usupur-Big Street,’ which is one of the villages in revenue thaluk of Chidambram, the most deity and tourist place in Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu, India