Programme area

      Initially, these programs focus on some of the poorest particularly target women and men disadvantaged people in remote and down-trodden in economically backward villages in the district of Cuddalore, Tamil nadu.

     We implemented Training on tailoring and Training on computer education is one of our programmed interventions in the village of ‘Usupur-Big Street,’ which is one of the villages in revenue thaluk of Chidambram, the most deity and tourist place in Cuddalore District.

Village profile

  • The project village Usupur-Big street is located southern side 3 km away from Chidamabaram Taluk, in Cuddalore Dt. Tamil Nadu , India
  • 101 families are living in the village with the average family members 4.
  • In 10 year back, most of the people in this village engaged as agricultural laborers and some of them hold 1 or 2 acres of agricultural land.
  • At the time, Paddy was the major crop in this area. They were cultivating paddy as a single crop. The remaining part of the year the whole lands left vacant and no income.
  • But now, the situation is different. Due to fast growing real estate and also insufficient water, whole agricultural field in this area are barren and the whole fields converted into plots.
  • Most of them due the conversion of land remain idle without income round the year. They struggle to live and give their children education as they desire.
  • The poor especially women depend on their spouse to run their family.